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Google Adwords Journey
Internet Marketing Author: Adwords PPC Richard Kaulfers - Featured Articles
Google Adwords Journey

Online Marketing and Adwords Professional Journey.

I am documenting my journey on becoming a Certified Google Adwords Professional. This journey of internet marketing started almost two years ago from today when I became very interested in the sales and marketing industry. I desired to understand what traits and characteristics were held by some of the best individuals and companies in the field of sales and marketing, particularly in the online environment.
My journey began what I started researching companies, books on sales training, marketing, copywriting, and entrepreneurship for the technology age. I have attended courses and seminars on various sales and marketing topics. All of which have contributed immensely to my understanding and growth in this area of conducting business online and offline.

Entrepreneurship has always been part of my life.

I grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs, from my grandfathers carpenter business to my step father's truck repair stations, and my mother's auto garage adventure too my own leaf raking and computer repair business. I picked up skills along the way that allowed me to be business savvy, most work came from menial style jobs but they were all part of the growth process. The skills and lessons I learned from those experiences have allowed me to connect with some great business leaders of today for whom I get to study and learn from almost daily.

Technology is my thing.

Growing up in the technology/internet age I developed a very good aptitude working in the computer repair field. I used those skills to fund most of my way through a two year technical degree in the computer networking sector. Much of the work I did was through word of mouth and understanding how frustrating people can get when they do not understand why their computers don't work.
I used the internet to search for common PC issues I would run into along the way. That is how I become very aware of how the internet has changed the way traditional businesses can reach their market and my ever increasing passion to learn the ins and outs on online sales and marketing.

The journey starts yesterday.

This continuing documentation will be my aid in obtaining Google's Adword Certification. As I complete training, lesson exercises, and running my initial Google PPC Campaigns I will be documenting my lessons learned and creating short commentary videos all to help sink the information into the subconscious mind and connect with you along the way.
I want to thank the professionals like Jim Yaghi, Laura Callow, Kate Morris, Joe Laratro, and the Google Training Team. For putting together the some great training on the subject. Learning from past experiences and improving is what business is all about.


Welcome to the Journey.

Be sure to check out more stories, lessons, tips and tricks I learn along the way at my website
Total Views: 905 | Approx word count : 470 | 05/17/2011
Writers Resource: You can find more lessons and tips in the Adwords Section of on my Adwords Journey Blog
Discover more about Google Adwords Professional and learn more about Adwords Certification by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Adwords Courses.

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