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Go for No Book Review
Self Improvement Author: David Johnson
Go for No Book Review
If you were like me few years ago I was searching for a Go For No book review. I heard a lot about this book from my network marketing company and others about how powerful it was.

I got the Go For No Book and thought I would give you my honest review, so you can make a informed decision. However, if you read more into my Go For No book review, you will discover the secret in the book.

Go For No Book Review

Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz wrote the book and it is different from most personal development books you have read. It is told in story almost like a science fiction book.

The main protagonist is Eric James Bratton. He is a struggling salesman, however he does make his quota in sales. This is how the book opens he has just met his quota and decides to go golfing later in the week.

While golfing, he falls and hit his head when reaching for a ball. When he comes to his senses, he is in a weird place. After meeting the maid and looking through books, he realizes he is in his house.

He looks older and noticed he is a best selling author and a national speaker. He does meet his future self and starts to learn how his life turned around.

Important Part Of Go For No book review

The whole concept with Go For No is centered around two things. The first is simple and that is if you are involved in career or job that rejection is part of that job, the more no's you get. The more yeses you will get.

So instead of going to yeses, you try to get as many no's as you can. Rejection is now a good thing and you will get more yeses by just focusing on getting no's.

To translate this to internet marketing is to get more traffic. The more traffic you have going to a capture page, the more leads or op-tins you will get. It does not matter how bad your capture page maybe get enough traffic and it will convert some of those visitors.

The second part of Go For No is very practical for internet marketing. That is you succeed by failing, the more you fail the more you succeed.

The authors even break failure down into five levels.

Level 1: The Ability To Fail
Level 2: The Willingness To Fail
Level 3: Wanting To Fail
Level 4: Failing Bigger and Faster!
Level 5: Failing Exponentially

Since we already talked about traffic in internet marketing, there are literally thousands of ways to get traffic. Go learn them and start implementing what you are learning.

If you do not like one marketing strategy, learn another one or even invent your own. The majority of your marketing will fail. However, the parts that you succeed in will more than make up for the marketing that fails.

The final conclusion of my Go For No book review, is to get the book. There are other points in the book, but it is very powerful book to get and put it to use.
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Writers Resource: There is a another part I left out about your comfort zone. You can read more about the Go For No book and also see a great video going beyond your comfort zone.

One huge part of personal development is being thankful for what you have.
Discover more about Go For No Book and learn more about Go For No Book Review by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Failure and Success.

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