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Gerd, Hiatal Hernia Cure it Today
Health and Medical Author: Tony Perez
Gerd, Hiatal Hernia Cure it Today
Do you wake up in the middle of the night with severe heartburn? During the day, do you feel a cramp-like pain in the rib cage area? You may have a hiatal hernia. Heartburn and GERD are sometimes diagnosed as symptoms of hiatal hernia.

Strenuous exercise, coughing, or a hardy laugh can cause the cramping. If after eating a big spicy meal, you feel the cramping around the rib cage, you may have a hiatal hernia.

You probably already know that these activities create pressure that pushes the stomach up into the esophagus. The result is a hiatal hernia.

Can this condition be cured?
Yes, there is a holistic method.

Are tired of taking prescription drugs or over the counter antacids? You can permanently rid yourself of chest pain, burping, gas, and sleepless nights. There is a way to cure you without surgery and without expensive drugs.

What is the link between GERD and hiatal hernia?

If the valve at the base of the esophagus, the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), is weak, the stomach can push up into the esophagus. If the diaphragm muscle is weak, the hiatus, the opening through which the esophagus enters the stomach, then the stomach can also push up into the esophagus.

The protrusion of the stomach through the hiatus caused by either weak surrounding tissue or a failed or weak sphincter (LES) is a hiatal hernia.
The stomach's lining is equipped to withstand the hydrochloric juices found in the stomach. The esophagus' lining is not. The gastric juices irritate the esophagus lining and result in heartburn, acid reflux or GERD.

Can you cure hiatal hernia?

In extreme cases, hiatal hernia requires surgery. Severe hiatal hernia is rare. Prevent the pain and the discomfort. You can have permanent relief from these symptoms. Antacids and drugs may give you temporary relief, but they are not a permanent cure.

There is a holistic permanent solution.

Eliminate the chest pain and the acid reflux. Stop the burping, the gas and the belching. You can do it naturally. Conventional methods use drugs that ultimately can do more harm than good.

What if there was a clinically researched system backed by more than 35000 hours of nutritional expertise, 100% guaranteed that would stop your heartburn and acid reflux for good? Would that interest you? I am sure it would.
Total Views: 1662 | Approx word count : 405 | 02/25/2010
Writers Resource: You owe it to yourself to have a new and much brighter life. Act now. Free yourself from GERD and Hiatal Hernia. Visit for more information on GERD, Acid Reflux, Hiatal Hernia, and Heartburn.

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