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Fundraising Prize Wheel In Action
Business General Author: Brian Jardine
Fundraising Prize Wheel In Action
Throughout the ages, individuals from all walks of life have found themselves in a desperate race against time, struggling to find a cure for injuries or diseases that bring their loved ones closer to that great unknown called death. For these individuals, western medicine often falls short of its incredible legacy. All too often, physicians are forced to admit that they have no effective treatment available at their disposal.

While antibiotics will typically eradicate a bacterial infection, antipyretics will lower a fever, and beta blockers will treat many cases of hypertension, modern medical science has yet to develop effective treatments for conditions ranging in severity and etiology from anoxic brain damage to mononucleosis.

Incurable disease will likely always be a devastating aspect of reality, though the number of diseases and injuries classified as é─˙incurable is shrinking with each passing day. Through the hard work and genius of medical scientists and a healthy amount of funding from businessmen and politicians, patients facing a plethora of conditions can find hope when hope is needed most.

Without non profit research organizations, however, treatments would remain theoretical and none of the tens of millions of desperate patients would benefit. It can be difficult for most non profits to find that all important funding in a struggling economy, though, and making the most of each marketing dollar becomes a top administrative priority.

Prize wheels have been successfully used by hospitals, fire departments, and a multitude of charitable organizations to secure much needed funding for projects that can directly benefit the community and the world at large. From blood drives to adding zest to a dull fundraiser, adding a spin wheel can benefit any marketing campaign. Prize wheels come in multiple sizes. We have the 'super' size, which is 44"; 'standard' and 'adaptable' at 31"; and mini prize wheel at 20.5". The proportions of all prize wheels are the same, so pick the prize wheel that best suits your needs and event. Our standard game wheel can be either a table top model or a floor model. The standard 31" table top model can be converted into a floor model with a simple addition of extension legs. The standard and mini game wheels also come with travel cases convenient for toting around to multiple events.

Of course, a prize wheel is worthless without the creativity and expertise of a highly trained marketing strategist. Those with the drive and dedication needed to run a successful fundraiser can appreciate a well designed, well crafted prize wheel for its stylish good looks and incredible capacity to attract prospective sponsors and volunteers alike.

With a easily customizable spin wheel, any marketing director can adapt their wheel in a matter of minutes to accommodate the needs of a fundraiser one moment and as a visual aid in an educational presentation the next minute or two. Saving the world from the hardship of chronic cognitive impairment or incurable rectal cancer can begin with an act as simple as spinning a prize wheel. Who knew that something so like simple a prize wheel could be responsible for the success of the newest research foundation?
Total Views: 351 | Approx word count : 563 | 08/23/2011
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