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From Zeon turf to Bermuda, a little sod can go a long way
Business General Author: Brian Jardine
From Zeon turf to Bermuda, a little sod can go a long way
Finding the right grass for a particular application can be difficult without a strong knowledge of available grass varieties. Though landscapers are quite familiar with the differences between zeon zoysia turf and Bermuda grass, many homeowners never even realize that there is such a wide array of species. How can an individual determine the ideal grass type without an extensive background in botany?

A crash course in GRASS 101 might help. There are four main types of Sod in use in North America: Zoysia, Fescue, Centipede, and Bermuda. While all grass species share many environmental benefits, finding the right species for the geographical region is essential whenever a healthy, low maintenance lawn is desired.

Zeon zoysia has a fine blade and dark green appearance. With its ability to withstand both full sun and heavy shade, this versatile species is ideal in a broad array of applications. Areas prone to drought may find a zeon zoysia turf to be the best option due to its drought tolerance. Some key benefits of this particular sod are its disease resistance, low thatch build-up, and ability to withstand cold temperatures.

Fescue sod typically has a course blade and a dark green appearance. Its ability to retain color well throughout the year makes it an ideal solution for shaded commercial applications. Of course, using this sod in the backyard is a great idea when a great deal of shade presents a problem for other grass types. A strong resistance to brown spots also makes this an ideal solution for golf courses and soccer fields.

Centipede turf typically grows quite well horizontally, creating a weed-free, beautiful lawn without the backache. With slow vertical growth, this is the perfect option for anyone looking for an extremely low maintenance lawn. Homeowners, miniature golf courses, and even office buildings can make great use of this wonderful grass covering without investing a great deal of time and energy fertilizing, trimming, and watering.

Finally, Bermuda offers a wonderful solutions for any application able to offer full sun and a minimal amount of maintenance. With a unique blue-green color, this sod is a great option for commercial lawns, sports fields, and even a homeowneré─˘s backyard.

Always remember that a new sod requires a great deal of water to properly attach itself to the soil. If finances allow, simply installing a sprinkler system will ensure that the sod receives the water it needs and, often, increase the life span of the lawn. If a sprinkler system seems unnecessary, be sure to water the lawn regularly to ensure optimum health and appearance.

One must keep in mind that these sod types can vary by manufacturer and may exhibit different blade shapes, color, or environmental tolerance. Whether a new homeowner is considering zeon turf for their front yard or simply curious about the various types of grass, learning more can be as simple as taking a trip to the local library. Of course, planting a few flowering plants could easily compliment a beautiful front lawn and create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy. This, can increase property values and help a home stand out.
Total Views: 436 | Approx word count : 555 | 07/26/2011
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