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Finding A Niche That You Can Make Money With
Finding A Niche That You Can Make Money With
One of the first steps to becoming an affiliate or online marketer is finding a niche.  But just finding one that looks interesting is not enough you have to find one that is profitable and also has enough buyers to make it worth your while.
So, how do you go about finding a niche you like, that is also profitable and has lots of  buyers?
1.  Finding A Niche

First, of course you need to find that niche and there are a few place you can look if you have no idea what niche you want to get into.

One of my favorites is to scour the magazine racks at my favorite bookstore.  If there is a magazine about a particular topic, you can bet that people are interested in it.  And the more magazines, the more interest there is! 
Another thing you can do is go to big shopping places like and and browse the categories and listings.  Look for the most popular products and you will have a huge selection of niches to choose from.
2.  Do Your Research
The actual act of finding a niche is easy, it's the rest of the job that  is hard and that requires a bit of keyword research.
First, you want to make sure that there are enough people searching for information on your niche.  One way to do this is to do a Google search and then take the top 5 websites that come up in Google and plug them into  This will show you the traffic that each site gets and can give you an idea of the number of people interested.

The other thing you can do is fire up a keyword research tool and research some keyword for the niche and see how many searches the keywords get.

But it's not enough to know if people are interested, you want to know if they are buying stuff!

One of the best ways to do that is to do a search in Google and see how many ads come up.  If people are spending money on advertising, then you know there are buyers so the more ads you see, the better.

3.  Can You Compete?

The final step in finding a niche, is determining if you can compete or get enough traffic for it to be worth your while. This all starts with keyword research you first need to find good keywords that get a decent amount of searches.
Once you have the keywords figured out, you need to look at the pages that are coming up in the first, second and third places when you search that keyword in Google. 
These pages are your competition and you need to analyze them to determine their strength.  You do this by looking at both their on page and off page SEO and by determining the strength of the links pointing to that page so that you can make a decision on whether or not you can beat that page in the SERPS.

As you can see, finding a niche is a lot more involved than just picking a topic you are interested in.  However, if you do these 3 steps properly, then you will be well on your way to a profitable online niche business!

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Writers Resource: Next, check out my video about my favorite method for finding a niche and get tips and techniques for different website promotion methods.

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