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Fake UFO Invasion How The Media Manages to Manipulate Its Audiences
News and Media Author: Mike Dammann
Fake UFO Invasion How The Media Manages to Manipulate Its Audiences
You may be wondering why so many UFO related news have been plastered over the plasma. Fake alien news are great to make you accept a fake alien invasion. The more you hear it, the more you believe UFOs and aliens are ready to land, even when the news is fake or based on false data.

Media manipulation happens by way of telling you some truth, giving you a few blatant lies here and there but most of all by keeping certain topics in the air which you are supposed to see. The more you see something, the more you believe it and the more you believe it, the more you will believe upcoming news associated with the topic when new lies build on the old ones. Psychological suggestions can be very powerful when fear gets thrown in and before people know it, they are left with a need for solutions as they have completely disconnected from their instinct.

Bill Hicks said something once about Ted Turner making it all up as he compares what he sees outside to what's on the tube.

And there is something to it.

Overall, it was expected to have terror attacks coming knowing there is always a climax in every movie, and a movie is exactly what 50 years of consistent news from the middle east were. Had 9/11 happened without it, people would have wondered and not likely believed it to have happened the way the media suggested it did. Even though the official documents do not list Bin Ladin as a suspect, the media suggested it again and again so people are convinced he is behind it.

It's the stories of the families, the images of the jumpers, the tales of the flight that went down and all the other fabrications which convinced the American people to close the case, seal the deal and run with what has been suggested to them. Official investigations are not of interest. Let's just go with the feel good machinery and plug ourselves in.

Here is how it all started:

An excellent video series dealing with the manipulation of the masses in the 20th century, started by Sigmund Freud's nephew Edward Louis Bernays whose work included marketing products and making people desire what they don't really need. One of his first major projects was marketing cigarettes to women in an era when smoking was more or less a taboo for them.

Total Views: 751 | Approx word count : 440 | 01/04/2011
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