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Essential Steps For Article Marketing and Syndication
Article Marketing Author: Ord Allenbea
Essential Steps For Article Marketing and Syndication
How to find places to submit your articles for syndicating to build a profitable business online

For decades, businesses learned to create a good corporate image through the simple application of syndication to market their products, brand name or logo. As a small business, you should employ the exact methods in your marketing strategy. Creating successful marketing strategies that include syndicating content or articles requires nothing more than a solid plan of attack towards a profitable goal.

That plan includes a method of content syndication to inform your potential audience about your business and appeal to the mass targeted audience of the internet. Following are important steps necessary to building a successful internet presence and ultimately achieving your goal of profitability. But first, a look at how businesses have utilized content syndication methods in the past.

Prior to the internet, a company that wanted to get the word out about their newest products or services, would write an article or a news related story and use a content broker to disseminate (or, syndicate) that information to a variety of news sources. This was originally known as a press release. The press release included informative news items about the company or it's latest product line. The article was available in a content repository where subscribing news media could pickup the content, circulating it to their readers. This decades old method was known as content syndication. The most well-known content repository is the Associated Press.

The chief drawback to that antiquated content syndication method is that, press releases were often used as filler content for magazines, newspapers and tabloids rarely geared towards a specific or targeted audience. Today, although press release websites exist, they possess the same ineffectiveness of getting the word out to a targeted audience, true content syndication requires a targeted audience to produce profitable results. For this reason, many online businesses resort to creating blogs or websites to disseminate their company information, hoping to capture an audience that would reprint their content. To a lesser degree, this method is more effective than a press release, however not the most efficient or profitable way to build a business following.

How can you utilize this basic syndication strategy to create a good flow of traffic and improve your visibility? The answer is in content syndication, also referred to as article syndication. Not to be confused with article marketing which is where one would write an article, submit it to an article directory (or dozens of article directories) and hope that blogs or websites would pick-up the article for republication. Content syndication and article marketing are two different strategies. Content Syndication is writing a quality article, and then syndicating it yourself! The old method of hoping that someone syndicates your content or article is not effective as a marketing strategy. Whereas, article syndication of your own content is a far more effective strategy to reach profitability.

The best place to start is in first writing content that has a high quality and relevant appeal to your audience. Relevancy and quality are important steps and essential to getting targeted traffic. For example, you know the story of your business; the who, what, where, when and why of your company. Creating content about your company and putting that content into a well-formed article is essential to gaining the trust and comprehension of your audience. Although article writing is an art form, it is easily accomplished by adhering to some basic steps.

Marketing and syndicating of your online businesses is much easier than you might think. The basic syndication strategy is creating your own quality content with the idea of promoting and building your business. Successful content syndication starts with this very concept. Once you understand the basics of content syndication and how to create good articles or content, you are on your way to building the best business model for profits.

The basic steps of creating good content starts with applying keywords. However, not just any keyword, but directly relevant keywords. Keywords in your content are the main focus of your article. If you submit an article without proper keyword research, you are not attracting the attention of search engines or a targeted audience. For this reason a quick study of good keyword strategy is important.

Keywords begin on a broad scale with the niche you are promoting. For example, take the niche of your business and continue to narrow it down to the least common denominator involved. Therefore, to create a good article on your business about Gardening, narrow your focus to the smallest detail and work your way out to the broadest detail. So, let's take a look at the Gardening niche and say your product is a book that teaches people how to grow bigger and better vegetables.

Keywords that have a high relevancy factor are:
Vegetable gardening book
garden guide
planting seeds to grow bigger vegetables

Now on that basis, let's expand our keyword research and include questions people may pose about how to grow bigger flowers. Things like; type of soil, fertilizer, watering procedures all become factors in answering questions, and at the same time encompass greater potential search volumes. An increased amount of detail in each article you write appeals to a wider targeted audience. Identify a broader variety of keywords that apply to your niche and write quality, relevant and informative articles. Creating good content captures the attention of the search engines and targeted traffic seeking your business.

To create a highly relevant article, write content with specific keywords in mind, adding them where appropriate. Then edit your content and apply relevant keywords to enhance that content. For example a sentence such as: 'Adding fertilizer to your soil improves growth.' is expanded to 'Before planting your seeds, mix a natural fertilizer with your soil to encourage stronger root growth and produce larger vegetables'.

It is evident that adding in stronger and larger is relevant to bigger, although bigger is NOT your keyword it is a RELEVANT factor in indexing for the search engines. Why? because people may not type in how to grow bigger vegetables, they may type in how to increase size or what planting method makes vegetables larger. The same is true for soil, which is relevant to fertilizer, while root and seeds are relevant to growth. The edited sentence covers far more relevancy and therefore improves the capacity to rank your content higher.

Once you accomplish the vital step of creating quality content with appropriate keywords, the next step is syndication. Syndicating your content is important to reach out to the masses. The former method of submitting your article to dozens of article directories to build backlinks and hope for traffic is far less effective than content syndication. It may sound like a lot of work, however, content syndication is far less work than submitting to dozens of blogs, article directories or looking for people to republish your content.
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Writers Resource: Essential Steps for Article Marketing and Syndication focuses on How to Syndicate your articles. Before you proceed to submit your articles for syndicating to build a profitable business online. Take some time first to review or reread the key points presented in this article about content syndication and keyword research.
Discover more about article syndication and learn more about quality backlinks by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about article marketing and syndication.

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