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End Suffering One Spin at a Time
Culture and Society Author: Brian Jardine
End Suffering One Spin at a Time
Raising adequate funds for a charity, whether brand new or completely established, can be a time consuming, rigorous and frustrating experience. While there are a host of great marketing tools available at the intelligent fundraising director's disposal, finding one that is versatile and, at the same time, cost effective is an on going challenge.

Thankfully, the development of the prize wheel as an innovative marketing tool has opened many doors for several charities ranging from bible distribution to research foundations. With a little creativity, some luck and, a lot of drive, raising those funds can be as simple as spinning the prize wheel.

1. Establish a mission statement for your organization.
If the charity does not already have a written mission statement, developing one is an obvious first step. Raising funds without having a clear idea of how to put them to work is simply an exercise in futility. There are a plethora of valuable resources available online to assist those new to charity work in developing a plan that will bring a charity’s mission into focus.

2. Find a prize wheel you like. Though a few businesses offer prize wheels for rent, purchasing a customizable wheel can be a much greater investment. With the almost endless array of possible campaigns an intelligent director can create with a prize wheel , there is simply no doubt that the benefits are well worth the expense. Doing a quick search in Google, Bing or any other search engine should yield plenty of great websites and providers to choose from.

3. Host a great fundraiser. Now is the time to put that prize wheel to use. Attracting prospective donors is the easy part, getting them to part with their hard earned money means showing them that the charity can be trusted and is worth investing in. Luckily, a prize wheel can help attract prospective donors and, at the same time, help build rapport. By providing a little fun and explaining the mission of the nonprofit, a prize wheel can break down the defenses of most individuals.

4. Reward your volunteers. The special individuals who donate their time and effort to advance the cause certainly deserve a great reward from time to time. Not only does this help a foundation say "thank you" to its volunteers, it also creates an opportunity to improve morale and productivity. By printing out brand new inserts and sliding them into the prize wedges around the outer edge of the wheel, a grateful nonprofit director can give volunteers a chance to win prizes ranging from a plaque to a small sum of cash. Often, the fun laughter and sense of accomplishment are reward enough.
Total Views: 360 | Approx word count : 479 | 08/12/2011
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