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Empower Network Direct Sale Honest Review
Network Marketing Author: Patrick Seligman
Empower Network Direct Sale Honest Review
The Empower Network is perhaps the most powerful tool that you can use to market a product or a service. It is both a blogging platform and an MLM business at the same time. Empower Network started in October of 2011, founded by David Wood and David Sharpe, and in less than two months, it paid out over $2 Million in commissions. Talk about immediate success!

Empower Network Compensation System If you register for the Empower Network's basic membership plan you'll get the blogging platform that will generally cost you $25 a month. It is very easy to use since it uses WordPress as its backend, making it very user-friendly even if you haven't designed your own blog before. So how can you use it to earn money?

Empower Network offers a 100% commission rate. That's right, 100% on commissions if you market Empower Network and get others to register and become members. However there is a lot more to it. The first person you recruit will pay $25 and that goes to you, 100%, with no questions asked. You will get a commission for sales from your pipeline, and if you recruit more people in your team, you get more commissions.

And then there are the Empower Network products. You can market products like the Empower Network Inner Circle which mostly includes interviews and tips from members who are already earning millions of dollars. You can buy this and then sell it down your pipeline for $100 a month. Another famous product you can market is the Costa Rica Intensive Training which was an actual seminar given by the founders and should cost $3,000 but is now available for just $500 (one-time fee). These are all training materials to help you improve your sales and marketing skills.

Other Opportunities Now if you don't want to blog and market Empower Network, that is totally fine too. The good thing about this platform is that it is affiliate-friendly. You can market anything under the sun with Empower Network, even your own websites. Other affiliate platforms like Hubpages aren't so supportive of affiliate links anymore but here you have the freedom to post affiliate links and blog about anything you want to sell. It is that powerful of a tool.

Conclusion If you like blogging or if you take affiliate marketing seriously, you just cannot miss out on the Empower Network. It is one of the most powerful affiliate marketing platforms and blogging platforms out there today. You don't even need to learn how to create a blog site since it provides all the tools you need to get it up and running. You can go with the 100% commission rate and market Empower Network and its products or you could market whatever you feel like sharing to the world. With all these choices and opportunities for you and your recruits, you couldn't ask for anything better than what the Empower Network has to offer.
Total Views: 1160 | Approx word count : 502 | 07/03/2013
Writers Resource: Is it possible to make money on the internet? Yes it is. Now you have to find the right tool and business for you and maybe the Empower Network which pays 100% commission on all its products sales is for you. If that was not the case, you may to use their successful blogging platform to promote your own business or products without having to build a new one already well optimized.
Discover more about Empower Network and learn more about Direct Sale by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Networking.

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Empower Network Direct Sale Honest Review By: Patrick Seligman - The Empower Network is perhaps the most powerful tool that you can use to market a product or a service. It is both a blogging platform and an MLM business at the same time. Empower Network started in October of 2011, founded by David Wood and Davi...
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