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Easy Wine Making at Home - Wine Making Courses
Food and Drink Author: Candice Boland
Easy Wine Making at Home - Wine Making Courses
One day while surfing the web I saw an ad for wine making courses that said, "Easy Wine Making At Home". I entertain a LOT. In fact, among my community  of friends I am known as Candice the Cuisine Queen.
Everyone always loves to come to my house to dine on awesome cuisine and laugh. With all this fun going on my friends and I go through many bottles of wine each month.

Wow, that course sounded like a great adventure for my gang and me to take on. But I wanted to try it out first, myself, to see just how "easy" this easy  wine making at home process really was. I was reminded of Lucille Ball in the episode where she is jumping around in the giant vat of grapes . . . still makes me laugh.


I found the website, printed out the recipe and went right to work on my first batch. I was so excited! I couldn't wait to hear my friends oohh and ahhh at the first sip of my home made country wine.

Ok, well, first of all it didn't dawn on me right away that it would be about a year 'til we would be living out that fantasy. But that didn't matter; it would be a good surprise for them.

So, time went by and my wine aged and then came the moment that I had been waiting for . . . the anticipation was high. I had invited a couple girlfriends over for wine and cheese in the garden.

I opened my very first bottle of home made delight. Yes, there was surprise as I had fantasized but it was the kind of surprise that finds you spitting and spraying sour acidic purple juice every where and gasping for something to wash it down with!

Ugh, it was about as bad as drinking vinegar. I'm glad we were in the garden, my house was spared the mess; we all had to immediately spot clean our outfits. Then we sat down with a bottle of wine that we had bought on one of our wine tours.

We got great laughs, almost 'til we rolled on the ground. Oh yeah, I was going to impress my friends! It was a really great evening anyways and at the end of it we came up with the idea that we really did want to take some wine making courses. So we made a pact to find out how to find an easy wine making at home guide.

A Toast To You

That was a couple of years ago. Now we are enjoying our delicious home made wine and laughing at the funny memories of my first attempt at "simple wine making". When we followed the easy-to-follow directions in the wine making course we got the reward we were looking for.

Now we get together every few months and concoct a batch of our very own fruit-of-the-vine nectar. I finally did learn easy wine making at home and it has become one of my favorite hobbies. I hope you will find enjoyment in this wonderful hobby soon. Cheers! (clink).
Total Views: 460 | Approx word count : 540 | 10/13/2010
Writers Resource: Learn easy wine making at home at your own pace and with delicious results. Get your free copy of "How to Make Wine At Home" at and start making your own excellent homemade wine.

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