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Crappie live bait: How To Make your Own Crappie Fishing Rigs
Sports and Hobbies Author: tim fleagle
Crappie live bait: How To Make your Own Crappie Fishing Rigs
Rigging Crappie Live Minnows
You want the crappie to think your live bait presentation is a wounded minnow and a easy meal, so it is important that your crappie live bait set up is done correctly. It is also just as important to hook your crappie minnow correctly.
You want the minnow hooked in a way that minnow can stay alive and swim freely. I am going to show you how to make a crappie minnow rig that has proven successful for me. I also would like to introduce you to a little used crappie jigging technique that is rarely used these days.
How To Make A Dual Crappie Minnow Rig Using Three Way Swivels If you are not into making your own tackle, or just don't have the time, these setups can be purchased pre-made at most bait shops, or online at Bass Pro shop or Cabella's.

Step#1 Get yourself some fire line line 8-20lb test. (note: a 20lb test of fire line has the dia. Of 6lb mono-filament line.)

Step#2 You will want your crappie minnow to swim as freely as possible so you will need to get some 3 ways swivels.
The swivels will enable the minnow to swim in 360deg circles driving the crappie crazy!
Step#3 You will need some sinkers with enough weight to get your rig to the bottom. 1/4oz Egg or bass sinkers work nicely.
Step#4 Take some fire line off of your reel spool, or from the line container and cut 2 pieces 10 long, then tie a crappie hook to the end of each piece.

Step#5 Repeat Step 4, but cut 2 pieces 12 long.

Step#6 Release enough line from your reel so you have plenty of room to do your crappie live bait tackle tying. Tie your first three way swivel to the line.

Step#7 Tie one of crappie hook leaders you made in step 4 to the open eye on the 3 way swivel that is 90 degrees clockwise.
There should be one open eyelet when you get done, that is pointing strait downward.

Step#8 Pick up one of the 12 inch pieces of fire line you cut in step 5, then tie one end to the last remaining open eyelet  of the first 3 way swivel that is tied directly to the line coming out of your fishing reel. Now pick up your second 3 way swivel and tie the top eyelet to the other end of the 12 line you just tied.
Step#9 You now need to tie one of the 10 crappie hook leaders to the open eyelet that is 90degrees from the top eyelet of the three way swivel you just tied in step 8. If you do this correctly, there should be one open eyelet left, and it should be located directly below the top eyelet of three way swivel you just tied.
Step#10 Pick up the last 12 inch piece of fire line you cut in step 5, then tie one end to the last remaining open eyelet of the second 3 way swivel.
Now pick up your 1/4oz Egg or Bass sinker and tie it to the other end of the 12 line.

Step#11 Remember we want your crappie live bait rig to look like wounded crappie fishing minnows swimming around in circles, so to complete your setup you need to hook your minnows either in the back or front of the dorsal fin on both crappie hooks.
The Little Used Crappie Jigging Minnow Technique.

Look for a dead crappie minnow in your bucket or kill one and hook it to the left or right gill. Next , you need to imitate a wounded or dying minnow
so start jigging the dead minnow up and down as you drop your line. This will cause the minnow to flutter as if it were a dying or wounded minnow.
This Concludes my article about crappie live bait rigs please stay tuned for more interesting articles about fishing.
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