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Communication in Marriage Should be Important to You
Communication in Marriage Should be Important to You
Communication is a key factor to most relationships if you do not communicate your relationship will be over before it ever begins. Why do you think communication is important in a relationship?

 It is important  because misunderstandings can easily occur if you and your partner do not communicate what you expect from one another or ignore a  situation that may arise, that you may need to communicate with one another. Slowly trust can lead to misplaced doubts causing a rift in a relationship and with out it your relationship will be full of arguments, and hurtful words to one another.

If you are not communicating how is your loved one suppose to know how you are feeling they are not mind readers. This can be avoided early on if you and your partner are honest with each other and discuss topics that are important to today's society and to yourselves . If you touch the subject early on then there will be not surprises when and if you both decide to make a commitment to one another.

Part of the problem is you are two different people, with different experiences, and differing ideas. You need to find those topics which cause you the most trouble. Doing this will help each of you to effectively communicate with each other.

the Most Common Relationship Problems

Let's go over some of the major topics that many relationships have trouble with. Look these over and see if they are problem areas within your relationship. If they are, then you can relax. These are problems within many relationships.


Money is probably the most common, and yet the biggest problem in relationships. You have two different people with sometimes wildly differing views on spending money. It is the cause of many breakups. To avoid this in your relationship, start talking about money now. How much do you each make?  Find out what they do with the extra money they have. Learn what each others views are on investments such as the stock market, business investments, and other forms of investing money.

Make sure that you start get to know what each other wants in life. Learn what type of background you each come from. how has that helped to shape your views on what is really important?

My ex wife and I used to fight about money constantly. I grew up without much, and she never wanted for anything. This led to widely differing views and ultimately contributed to our marriage falling apart. We just could not find a good balance that we could live with on our income. I see now that if we had talked about it earlier, and tried to understand each other, we could have avoided a lot of the hardships that we went through.

Raising Children

One of the biggest problems in many relationships is differences about how to raise your children. This is also an area where you need to have a unified front. Disagreements in this are will sometimes be explosive. After all you will be adamant that your children are raised "the right way." The problem is you each will have different ideas about what the right way is.

You need to work together to raise your children in a way that shows that you are together. You cannot have one of you trying to discipline the child and the other telling them that it is ok to ignore the other. Failing to work together will cause resentment in the children, and will cause a lot of tension between you and your partner.

Start discussing this early in the relationship if it is possible. Knowing your partner's views on how to raise children may help you to decide if you are with the right person. This is one area that you do not want to put off until you are in the moment. In his bestselling book, The 7 Habits of Highly  Effective People, Steven Covey says that you should role play situations with your partner. One of you take the role of the child and the other be the parent. Practice how you will handle different situations.

Getting to know your partner deeply will strengthen your bond. Remember to start early in the relationship. use this opportunity to get to know your partner. Don't just listen to their view. Probe deeply, and discover why they have the views that they have.  
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