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Carp Fishing Rods what you need to know before purchasing
Sports and Hobbies Author: Ronald Thomas
Carp Fishing Rods what you need to know before purchasing
There are so many different types of carp fishing rods and carp reels on the market each for a specific kind of fishing. Whether it is float fishing, simple ledgering or using a big feeder there will be a rod that has been manufactured specifically for each type of fishing.

The selection of rod is very important when you are chasing after that elusive specimen carp and choosing the wrong one could leave you cursing when that big specimen gets away. You will find three main types of rod to think about each one of them dependant on where you are likely to fish.

You will often see when looking to select a rod a mention of a rod's test curve and this is an important factor to take into consideration. A test curve is determine by how much weight it takes to bend the rod through 90 degrees. The most common test curve is 2.5 lb which is normal for close to medium range fishing. If you are looking to fish long distances then a 3lb test curve would probably be more suitable.

The three main styles of carp fishing rod are as follows.

All through action
These bend along the whole length of the rod, so you can often feel the rod bending under the handle. This kind of rod is for playing fish with the best safety margin rather than a casting tool. These rods usually feel nicer and are a pleasure to use.
Medium action

The bend on these rods starts about two thirds of the way down the rod. This gives a nice bend to the rod whilst there's still power left in the butt to manage a good fish. These rods certainly provide a greater safety margin when playing a fish but at the expense of some casting distance. This type of action is the one that I like to recommend and most often use myself.

Fast tip action

These will usually feel extremely stiff as they bend only within the tip section with other joints remaining rigid. These rods are intended for fast pick-up and long casting. The disadvantage is that each movement of the fish tends to be transmitted down to the hand. There's also no cushion if the fish makes a sudden run whilst it is being netted. This may end up in the line breaking or the hook being pulled out.

Most carp rods are manufactured from hollow tapering tubes being a mix of carbon and glass fibres bonded by a resin. The more carbon present within the mixture, the more expensive the rod. This will also make the rod stiffer and allow manufacturers to reduce the diameter of the tube.
Many of the cheaper carp fishing rods are manufactured from a mix containing a higher proportion of glass fibres and these rods are often referred to as composites. These composites are, not as stiff, more robust and of larger diameter but by being less stiff and much more robust makes it a great rod for the beginner.
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With all the carp fishing equipment out there it is a good idea to get some knowledge before parting with your money. If you would like to know more then visit

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