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Blue Yeti RealTraps Review
Arts / Entertainment Author: Rick Fretboard
Blue Yeti RealTraps Review
RealTraps    Acoustics    Audio    Editing   
What is the best way to Improve My Voice Overs?
The closet vocal booth is a great way to improve the quality of your voice over products.  Of course if you live in a place where you can not use your closet as a vocal booth you'll want to go another route.
If you want a top of the line product you might consider RealTraps.  This is a company that produces only the top quality acoustic treatment solutions. For the Do it Yourselves RealTraps isn't the solution.
I couldn't find a great place to order what I needed to make my own acoustically treated studio.  I did find realtraps and picked up a few of their products.  Below you can see a video I put together about their portable vocal booth.  I am in an empty room with a lot of flutter echo and demonstrate how the PVB works with the Blue Yeti Microphone.
If you're interested in learning more about treating your home studio with quality acoustic treatment I'll encourage you to check out RealTraps.  There is a great deal of information on their website on how you can improve your studio and how you can produce better mixes.
It's easy to begin to improve your audio mixes when you start with a quality recording.  A common question asked is "how can I get rid of echo in my recording". You have to get rid of echos in your recording by getting rid of echos in the room first.
Audio isn't new and it's only getting better.  Start treating your room with the best acoustic treatment you can. 
Total Views: 400 | Approx word count : 269 | 07/06/2014
Writers Resource: More videos like these are posted on the channel. One Dam Note
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