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Become A Distributor
Business General Author: tim fleagle
Become A Distributor

Become A distributor – Change Your Career And Make Some Exceptional Money!

Some where around a 18 months ago a college friend of mine lost his job of 19 years because of differences with his new boss. It was an absolute shame that this boss expected un –attainable goals because of a total lack of understanding of what job tasks this position was required to do on a daily basis.

I knew that things had to change because their was some major discontent and he was definitely ready for a change , but when this new boss gave a final ultimatum to meet her expectations or leave he had to look for other opportunities like becoming a distributor for the first time in many years.

He had three months of pay coming so He took his time in making plans for the future. He wanted a career change. He has great people skills, he is very organized, and he has exceptional search engine optimization skills, which are a great combination to get involved with online business opportunities.

He was aware of his people skills, organization skills and exceptional online marketing skills and decided to do some online research to become a distributor. After doing some surfing a form was filled out to get more related information about internet business opportunities and the concept seemed to perk his interest.

He was absolutely amazed by the number of replies and phone calls that he received and started to look to a successful future. The majority of the calls and e-mails from the contacting folks were just trying to sell their ideas and information. Most of the information received from phone calls and e-mails was get rich quick crap which we all know is just to good to be true.

Then one day out of the blue he received a call from a women in Canada who represented a company who was looking for qualified people to become a distributor to sell her products. She wanted him to learn more about her company and the products she sold by visiting her website. He went to the website and reviewed the products and definitely liked the products the company had to sell.

This opportunity was not like any of the replies and phone calls he had received before, this company had real quality products and the management would actually provide support to get his business off the ground and all he had to do was to agree to take ownership and work hard. He was totally taken back when after he asked the women from Canada what would the start up cost be.

Every other business did not require any prior screening and couldn't care less who you were as long as they got their money up front. He has been involved with this company for four months and his business is beginning to grow. He is now calling people that have filled out forms like he did.

This women let him know that she first had to interview him to see if he would work out to become a distributor.

He really had to develop some good listening skills to over come the bad rap that honest internet businesses were inheriting because of all the scams and get rich schemes out on the net today. But once he over came this stigma and was able to convince people that he had a honest business ,and if they would become a distributor they could make money too, things started to click for his business.

It is shame that all the scams have given online businesses a bad rap because internet sales will just continue to grow because of honest internet businesses. Do not get discouraged because there are some exceptional online business opportunities like when you decide to become a distributor, that are honest business opportunities.

That golden nugget online business opportunity is still out there. And if you are willing to work their are successful business owners who will help you. The internet is a world of wealth if find a honest internet opportunity, and to become a distributor is just one option.

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