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Article Writers A Keyword Tip How to Find More Keywords
Internet Marketing Author: C.A. Perez
Article Writers A Keyword Tip How to Find More Keywords
Here's a little tip when writing for the web and doing your keyword research, a tip that article writers overlook. The experts tell you that you should use quotes around your keyword to determine how much competition you can expect and to decide whether or not it is a good keyword to rank for.
High Competition

Some expert article writers tell you that if the competition is too high, and that marketing for that keyword is an exercise in futility. They also advise to ignore that keyword and go on to the next one. Consider this. Google does not display all of the keyword content results.

Google is aware of the listings but does not list them. The listings may well be "indexed," but they are not displayed. Don't discard that keyword yet. It may be easier to rank for that keyword than you think. You may be passing up a chance to use a well searched key word in your content marketing.

Let us look at an example. Using the keyword "digital sound systems" with quotes, the Google search returns 5,920,000 indexed results as of this writing. Article writers know that it means that that exact combination of words was found 5,920,000 times.

That is a formidable amount of competition. It would appear that we should consider discarding this keyword.

Before we discard our keyword, let's look a little closer. Scroll down to the bottom of the Google search page for that keyword and you will notice that you can look at the first ten pages of Google's results.

Click on the tenth page and another nine pages of Google results appear. Keep clicking on the last page and eventually you will reach page 52 of Google results.
Interesting Discovery

Now this is where it gets very interesting for us, article writers. Just above the Goooooooogle icon there is this curious message: "In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 533 already displayed."

What it's telling you is that only 533 of the most relevant sites are displayed and for all practical purposes your true competition is 533 not 5,920,000. That is a big difference.

It is a significant reduction in your competition. All those other returns are still in the Google database. Google just doesn't bother to list them because Google doesn't think they are relevant.

That could mean that the results are articles that are written by the same author posted on different sites or article directories, a form of duplicate content. It could mean that the keywords are only casually mentioned on some site and do not relay any relevant information.

Who knows what specific criteria Google is using to decide that the results are not relevant when writing for the web. The point is that article writers do not have to compete against those other 5,919,467 indexed listings.

That is not to say that you will necessarily have an easy time of ranking for that keyword, but it may be a lot easier than you think. The key is relevance.

Google tells you that "to show you the most relevant results" it limits the pages it displays. Now more than ever, content marketing demands unique quality content in addition to SEO and bookmarking techniques.

By crafting your content to a high degree of relevance and quality, and by insuring that you properly SEO your article, you have a very good chance of beating your competition.

Article writers still have to promote their articles by creating back links to their keyword through publishing and bookmarking in social networks. Writing for the web is no longer viewed by Google strictly on SEO terms. Quality, relevance, grammar, and authoritative links play an equal role in its ranking algorithms.

The point is that just because at first glance a keyword seems to be infinitely competitive, it may not be. Of course, some keywords may not rank regardless of the effort you expend in attempting to rank them. If after a few weeks, the keywords do not rank then you may need to try different keywords.
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Discover more about article writers and learn more about writing for the web by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about content marketing.

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