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A Portable Greenhouse for Your Patio or Deck
Home and Family Author: C.A. Perez
A Portable Greenhouse for Your Patio or Deck
Portable greenhouses, as you are probably aware, have a multitude of uses as I am sure you know. Like its larger counterpart, a portable greenhouse provides you with all the benefits of green house gardening.

You can protect your outside plants from cold morning frosts and long wintery nights with your portable greenhouse. And, you can get a jump start on spring by starting your seeds much earlier in the season. Regardless of your level of expertise, green house gardening is a rewarding experience in many ways.

Portable greenhouse kits come in all sizes, shapes and designs. They are sometimes referred to as mini greenhouses and some can be considered cold frames rather than traditional greenhouses. Nevertheless, they perform the same functions.

Some garden green house designs resemble the traditional commercial dome greenhouse, others resemble small huts and still other green house designs look like a tall hutch.

You can find greenhouse kits as small as 2'x4' and as large as 7'H x7'W x12L'. Because of their flexible structure, portable greenhouses can easily be moved from one place to another. As your needs change, you can place these mini greenhouses wherever you desire.

They are perfect for the gardener with a small yard or for the gardener living in an apartment with a small patio or deck. You can have the same advantages of the larger more permanent hobby greenhouses.

Because of their ease of assembly, greenhouse kits are the epitome of the do it yourself greenhouse. Many of these hobby green houses are assembled in an hour or less.

A do it yourself greenhouse can just as easily be broken down and moved to a different location. These greenhouses are comparatively lightweight which only confirms their portability. This is especially useful for families and individuals that frequently change their home location.

Most portable greenhouses are made of long lasting aluminum and galvanized steel framing and polycarbonate glazing which is safer and lighter than glass. Others are constructed with heavy-duty transparent reinforced polyethylene sheeting and rust resistant steel framing.

As mentioned earlier, portable greenhouse kits come in a variety of sizes. Smaller, 6'H x2'W x2'L, with built in shelving made with the patio, deck, or balcony in mind, are some of the more affordable greenhouses for sale.

Larger portable greenhouse kits, 10'W x20'L x 9'H, have roll up windows for ventilation and climate control, netting for pest control, rust resistant framing and UV protected translucent fabric for long life.

Green house gardening extends your growing season by as much as three months. Imagine how, even though your space may be limited, you can enjoy fresh vegetables well into the winter months and start your flowering plants much earlier in the spring. Garden green houses also make an excellent place to store your garden tools over the winter.

Mini home greenhouse kits are affordable and very practical for the serious apartment dwelling gardener. A word of caution, since these home greenhouses are portable structures, remember to anchor them securely to protect them from blowing over on those windy days and evenings. You can anchor them by tying them to a fence or railing or you can anchor the greenhouse with cinder blocks tied to the corners of the portable greenhouse.

Your choices are limited only by your needs. Portable garden green houses are inexpensive and make an excellent gift. If you have limited space and still would like the functionality and benefits of a greenhouse, then a portable or mini greenhouse is right for you.
Total Views: 750 | Approx word count : 614 | 07/23/2011
Writers Resource: If your space is limited and you want to take full advantage of your growing season a portable greenhouse is your answer. Visit our site to select from the many greenhouses for sale that are available.
Discover more about portable greenhouse and learn more about greenhouses for sale by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about home greenhouse kits.

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