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Writing Creative Quality Content For Readers Engagement And Search Engine Rankings
Creating quality content for your websites, blogs and articles is one of the most important strategies for your business. Quality content not only allows you to obtain top Google rankings but it also creates engagment for your readers to share the quality written content with others and in social media.

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Repurpose Content Tool

Repurpose Content Tool allows you to take content that you have written and repurpose it into additional content. This is a unique tool that is only offered by Marketers Domination and does not use synonyms, curly braces or a thesaurus, fully human controlled for effective content.

By writing high quality additional keypoints for your content and articles you are able to produce multiple unique copies. As the writer you have full control of the keywords, words, and phrases which gives you full control over the output of the content to be repurposed.

The content that is produced then can be repurposed to post in social media, post on your blogs, post on feeder blogs or posted on any website that allows the posting of content. Repurposed content is a highly effective marketing strategy that has been used by newspapers, magazines and social media outlets for 50+ years.

Repurposed content helps drive additional website traffic to your website by giving the reader a different perspective about the same subject. This content also allows you to take over more rankings in Google because the content is not duplicated. Content posted on your blog and then repurposed content posted on hubspot gives you the ability to rank both pieces of content in Google for the same keywords.

Scan Your Articles And Content For Quality Factors That Google Requires For Top Rankings

google quality factors

Quality content is the top ranking factor for Google. Google gives credit to those sites that produce high quality content for their users.

There are several reasons why high quality content must be produced to have a successful business online today. While many say you need to write content for readers and not search engines, these people don't realize that you can create high quality content for readers and search engines both.

Having quality content for your readers will help them understand what you have to offer and they are more willing to share that content on their social media profiles. This helps brings additional visitors and possible new customers to your business.

Writing creative and high quality content also brings the attention of Google bot to your site to index you for top rankings. The number one ranking factor is creating quality content. Content that includes proper grade level, semantically related words, significant amount of words, and keyword density.

The Quality Content Scanner is the only content tool in existence that grades your content using the Flesch-Kincaid test (same tool that Google uses to grade content) for readability, analyzes your keyword density, shows you all stop words, and helps improve your overall writing abilities.

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