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How Private Label Rights Articles Can Get You More Customers
Internet Marketing Author: Sam Samson
How Private Label Rights Articles Can Get You More Customers
It is surprising the number of people who believe that private label rights articles are just for internet marketers. In reality PLR is so versatile that can be used for many other things other than just blatant advertising of a product.
Let's take the example of the cut-throat world of people who provide services. Whether you are providing SEO, graphics, web design, Virtual Assistant services or even ghost-writing services, we know how much competition there is for you. But one way that you can distinguish yourself from the crowd is by having content on your site that really shows the potential customer what you are capable of and how deep your knowledge really goes. This can be bespoke ghostwritten or free PLR but as long as the quality is good it can make a difference.

For example let's look at web designers Greg and James.

James has a site that looks fantastic, has several flash examples of sites that he has designed. Although you don't understand a lot of what James talks about on his site, how you will get so many 'sidebars', 'widgets' and other customizable features for a certain price, you are really impressed and very tempted to contact him.

Then you find Greg's site. Greg also has really cool graphics and templates and also has some big clients under his belt. But Greg also has a few articles on his site that explain to you what you are looking at. This includes what the different sidebars and widgets do and most importantly what they mean to your site and budget.

Suddenly you feel like you are making an informed decision about your web design company, instead of just going with the one that has the prettiest graphics.

Now I can hear the gasps of 'but I can't write articles' and that's OK. Chances are that Greg couldn't either. But I bet that Greg knew of a place where he could get private label rights articles that depending on the PLR rights he could either use as is, or tweak a bit to suit his site. For under $30 he has gained a definite advantage over his competitors and is gaining clients as a direct result.

Virtual Assistants can also use PLR content to advertise their skills. Anyone looking for a VA needs to know that they are capable of doing the job required. What better way than by setting up your own blog, filling it with examples of your work, testimonials and relevant private label rights articles? A potential client coming to your site will be able to see exactly what you can do and what sort of working relationship they can have with you.

But this does not just apply to internet based services either.
Hairdressers should have articles on the latest styles as well as common hair concerns, Joinery stores should have quick tutorial articles on what to look for in a well designed kitchen, bathroom etc. Naturopaths can have articles on common health concerns and the latest research.
Any business that has a site online needs content that the customer can browse through. Whether it comes from free PLR or especially written content. As long as the quality of the content is good your customers will begin to build an idea of who you are and how you can help them.
Once you start to get this relationship, there is a very good chance that the visitor to your site will become a loyal customer. Not bad for a few bucks spent on plr rights articles huh?
Total Views: 679 | Approx word count : 608 | 07/12/2011
Writers Resource: Would you like to boost your blog content, impress potential new clients, and become the recognized expert in your niche? With private label rights articles you can. Check out the special offers where you can often get free PLR that is some of the best quality around!
Discover more about rights and learn more about private label rights articles by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about free PLR .

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