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Habit Trumps Talent Is This True
Network Marketing Author: David Johnson
Habit Trumps Talent Is This True
There is a saying that habit trumps talent. Is this a true statement?

Let's look at the NFL since the season started on September 8, 2011, and every team had to cut around 25 players to get the 53 man roster. Why do some of these players get the pink slip, while other make the team?

Many will say that they lack the talented needed to make it on a team in the NFL. While this is true, but you do have some of the players get cut one year, and the next year makes a team and does exceptionally well for another team. Just to make it this far, no doubt all of these players have talent.

There maybe a lot of other reasons that can be put forth do say why one player did not make it, and another player did. One of the biggest reasons is because routine crushes skill. The players who do not make it does not have the habits that the other players have.

If you look at the top players in any sport, you will find that they have habits that allow them to be the best players in their sports. This is also why some players who are below average to average on the skill level, but they are considered some of the best players in their respected leagues. They like the top players have developed a daily habit, and this is why they are able to play a sport for a living.

In marketing the same applies. Og Mandino the writer of The Greatest Salesman claims we are slaves to our habits. He goes on to say that good habit is the key to the locked door of success, while bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.

Our habits are very important and can either make our venture into network marketing very successful or lead down a road of failure. It is important to look into how to develop our good habits.

As a network marketer it is essential to have a daily plan that you can do every day. Then you carry out that daily plan.

How should you develop a daily plan? This plan is just two or three marketing strategies that you have decided to use to get leads. This can be articles, videos, blogging, social media, pay-per-click, or thousands of other strategies. Then you take these strategies and break them down into something you can do everyday. Then you start doing these things everyday.

As you do them everyday, you will become better and faster at doing them. It may take a while, but you will start generating leads and learn how to turn these leads into team members as they join your team.

Since, this is one of your goals in network marketing, you will want to continue your daily plan. This has become your routine. Then you will know that practice trounces ability and habit trumps talent.
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Discover more about habit trumps talent and learn more about routine crushes skill by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about practice trounces ability.

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