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CD, DVD and Bluray Replication are the Terms for Full Manufacturing.
Business General Author: Johnio Muccles
CD, DVD and Bluray Replication are the Terms for Full Manufacturing.
When we talk about CD Replication, we are really talking about Compact Disc Manufacturing. This is the process by which Replicated CDs are produced in large volumes. It could be for a CD Audio or a CD Rom. DVD Replication and Blu-ray Replication are manufactured differently in various ways.

The beginning of this process starts with the use of a master which is created from a customer recorded source. Before the CD Replication pressing can be started there are a number of mastering and pre-mastering steps that have to be performed. Initially a Glass master is produced in a clean room which is essential to avoid contamination. The substrates used are basically round plates of glass slightly larger than a Replicated CD or Replicated DVD.

One side of the CD or DVD glass master is polished and smooth, with the additional size making it easier to handle without causing problems to the surface pits and lands. The glass master for the Replicated CD and Replicated DVD is then cleaned with detergents and solvent then dye-polymer or photoresist is applied according to the mastering process, and then finally baked in preparation for actual mastering.

The Glass master is then metallised and on final completion and after a number of other processes, the metal part is detached and this is referred to as the Father which is actually a negative master. A positive image master is then grown from this and is called the Mother with all the actual stampers used for CD Replication creating a family and are therefore called the sons. The CD Replication or DVD Replication can now begin with the fitting of the stampers to the Moulding machines. Blu-ray Replication is a whole different type of disc and really needs a different article.

The CD Replication and Moulding machines have an average CD production of 550-900 Replicated CDs per hour. Polycarbonate beads or pellets are melted in the machine and stamped. The moulded discs then have to be finished with a metallisation process and lacquered and passed under a UV lamp for rapid curing. The Replicated CDs are now ready for printing the label. Testing is carried out at all stages of the process. DVD Replication is manufactured in a similar way but slightly differently.

Pre pressed CD Replication is used for CD Rom which has a capacity of between 650 and 900 MB and CD Audio which has a standard 74 minutes play time, but this can be extended to 80 minutes. DVD Replication for DVD Rom and DVD Video has a capacity of 4.7 GB single sided, single layer, 8.5 to 8.7GB for single side, double layer and 9.4 GB for double sided, single layer and these are the most common formats. Blu-ray Replication has standard capacities of 25 GB single layer and 50 GB double layer.
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Discover more about DVD Replication and learn more about Replicated DVD by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about CD Replication.

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