Article Distribution
Article marketing tool that distributes your content to over 200+ private do follow syndication websites. No Spinning Needed. Article Distributionsyndication of articles
Content Scanner
Your content scanned for flesch-kincaid grade level, significant words, keyword density and more, these are ranking factors. Content Scannerhigh quality content
Competition Research
Doing competition research is an important part of marketing your website. Discover competitions backlinks and keywords. Competition Researchmarketing strategy
Backlink Searcher
Locate do follow websites with the backlink search tool. You can then use these sites to start getting link juice and backlinks to your website. Backlink Searcherdo follow backlinks

Content Marketing Solution

Exclusive Online Article Marketing Tools For Quality Content Creation And Syndication

Create And Syndicate Quality Content. When you combine all Marketers Domination marketing tools together, and use each one of them for your marketing purposes then you can truly see real results with your article marketing campaign.

* Article Distribution To 200+ Do Follow Ad Free Sites
* Content Scanner Analyzes Readability, Quality, Keywords
* Language Analyzer Identify Synonyms Related Words
* Backlink Searcher Find Do Follow Related Websites
* Image Syndication To Our Exclusive Power Pin Websites
* Secret Marketing Forum Marketing Plans And Live Support
* Plus Many More Exclusive Content Marketing Tools

Article Distribution Services To Over 200+ Dofollow Backlinks Ad Free Private Websites (not blog networks)! No Downloads, No Licenses, Fully Automation Online Marketing Tools

submit articlesArticle Distribution : article marketing tool that distributes your content and publishes it to 250+ private do follow syndication sites. All syndication sites are fully designed with seo built in and 100% ad free meaning all backlinks are counted and link juice will flow exclusively and directly to your links, only.

No article spinning of any kind is needed to use this marketing tool because this one of a kind system will use the various titles and descriptions you add when posting your content. Article Distribution allows you to create 1,000's of anchor text backlinks on each article you publish!

related semanticsLanguage Analyzer : Exclusive online software tool that helps you identify the correct synonyms, antonyms and semantically related words that you must apply to your content. Marketers Domination language database employs the entire English language (over 800,000 words) and reveals related words drilled down to the very root of each word. The language analyzer improves your articles by applying related keywords to your content.

content writingContent Scanner : The only article tool in existence that grades your content using the Flesch-Kincaid test (same tool that Google uses to grade content) for readability, analyzes your keyword density, shows you all stop words, and helps improve your overall writing abilities. All in REAL-TIME technology! When you increase the quality score of your content then you will retain higher search engine rankings. Remember, High Quality content is what sticks to the top of Google!

article submissionArticle Directory : Marketers Domination is a full service do follow article directory. Member authors are permitted to submit articles to our directory and they are allowed to advertise their own products and services. Unlike most article directories, Marketers Domination does not have Google adsense ads or any other advertisements on your articles to distract your traffic.

When you combine all these marketing tools together, and use each one of them for your marketing purposes then you can truly see real results with your article marketing campaign. If you are disappointed by your daily visitor stats, discouraged by the lack of response to your marketing attempts or envious of the success that others are having and wanted to know their've found it!

article commentsMD Commentor : This exclusive software marketing tool allows you to instantly post your articles to over 140 private network social validation websites. Your article is posted with a variety of different article url's all pointing to your original article. Thereby making it easier to get indexed using multiple URLs for the same content. All url's pull your same article and descriptions, therefore, no spinning of any articles is required. This results in massive backlinks to your content.

rewrite articlesArticle Spinner : Spin an article to create many from one article. Marketers Domination is unique and does not use synonyms, curly braces or a thesaurus, fully human controlled for effective articles. Writing and rewriting your article in a format that is spun automatically makes it easier to produce multiple articles from just one article. You control the keywords, the content and the outcome of each spun article. You do not need to use the spinner to take advantage of the article syndication and distribution tool.

article directory submissions money back Join today for Only $29.00 a month Start getting your article marketing to create results for your website and business today! Payments Processed By ClickBank which offers a 60 day money back guarantee. Register Here

article directory submissions

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Article Marketing Tools
increase web traffic using proper tools that are going to help get not only free web traffic but also targeted web site traffic. By having more web site traffic you can increase your conversion rates. Targeted web traffic is essential in doing business online and by increasing web traffic you also increase the success of your business.
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Disclaimer: All article marketing tools work exactly as described but results can vary depending upon if you use the marketing tools and follow the simple and easy step by step marketing plans that are provided to you. Helpful marketing strategy videos inside the members area explain in detail how all tools work.
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